Belgrove Distillery

Kempton, Tasmania

Distiller:  Peter Bignell
Year of Establishment: 2010

Size of Estate:  1, 500 hectares (rye, oats, wheat, barley, spelt)


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I am a sixth generation Tasmanian farmer.  About seven years ago I had harvested too much rye grain for my own use. I have an Agricultural Science degree and it seemed obvious to me that I could put this knowledge to work so I built a small Rye Whisky Distillery to value add this surplus.


Since then I have developed my own technique and recipes for making Whisky, as well as other spirits mostly from surpluses from other local alcohol manufactures.


A big part of my ethos is sustainability, from paddock to bottle. My distillery and farm run on biofuel made from waste fryer oil. The still is direct flame heated which gives the spirits much more complex flavours.

I enjoy being creative and am continually developing more products.




Belgrove rye whisky 43%  ($239 RRP)

Belgrove Black Rye Coffee Liqueur 22%  ($90 RRP)

Belgrove Rye Whisky - Pinot Cask 63.4%  ($355 RRP)

Belgrove Barrel Aged Grappa 63.5%  ($148 RRP)

Belgrove Pommeau 22%  ($90 RRP)