Brickfields + Flinders Ranges Flour



Created by Paul Geshos, Simon Cancio and Ben Abiad, Brickfields was born out of their shared passion for the art of baking handcrafted breads, cakes, pastries and coffee. Brickfields is a wholesale and retail bakery/cafe that also serves Mecca coffee. They combine artisan methods with the finest ingredients to produce exceptional breads, cakes and pastries. Brickfields cafe was created with the view to offer the local community a genuine neighbourhood bakery. The daily menu is comprised of ingredients sourced with the same passion and attention for detail as the bakery the cafe is an excellent place to soak up the atmosphere of the bakery, and the inner city surrounds. 

Flinders Ranges Flour

Flinders Ranges Premium Grain (FRPG) produces high protein wheat, which is used to make premium flour. FRPG is a private company, comprising of five families, four of whom are engaged in farming. As fourth and fifth generation farming families, they have been growing cereals, principally wheat, since European settlement in the Southern Flinders Ranges region of South Australia. FRPG is all about the production of quality high protein wheat flour, within a sustainable production system. As well as producing grain amongst our member families, they also source grain direct from other faming families across the Flinders Ranges.