Cacique Maravilla

Yumbel, Valle del Bio Bio, Chile

Proprietor: Manuel Moraga Gutierriez
Year of Establishment: Vineyard is 250 years old
Size of Estate: 15 hectares
Av. bottles/annum: 30,000


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Importer: Cultivar Wines – Alice or Lucy

Manuel Moraga is the seventh generation of Gutiérrez to tend these vines, planted by his great-great grandfather on sailing from Spain in the early 18th century. Manuel farms the and vinifies these ancestral varietals, mostly País, in the same way his ancestors always have, without recourse to irrigation or chemicals in the vineyard and zero additions in the winery. He doesn’t drink anyone else’s wine. The vineyard is a community in itself; everyone works, eats and drinks together, nothing has changed for hundreds of years.


During Manuel’s father’s lifetime the advent of the massive and mechanised ‘wine’ industry close to Santiago rendered winemaking unviable for traditional Southern producers, forcing them to simply sell grapes to these same companies.  Manuel watched his family almost go under when the devastating earthquake of 2010 destroyed their ancient mud brick bodega, they lost thousands of litres of wine and all their old vessels. Manuel decided to take a stand against a system driving traditional producers from their land. He is the only grower in his community to bottle these historic and rustic Pipeños and sell to a niche market. Sadly his father passed before he could see his success. We feel deeply honoured to represent Manuel, he has been a great mentor and compadre.



Pipeño País 2016 ($38 RRP)

Vino Naranja Moscatel Corinto 2016 ($36 RRP)