Castagna Vineyard

Beechworth, Victoria

Proprietor: Julian & Carolann Castagna
Year of Establishment: 1997
Size of Estate: 4 hectares (producing)
Av. bottles/annum: 10,000 to 20,000


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Julian Castagna is one of the country’s most vocal and erudite exponents of biodynamic viticulture, believing that it simply represents the best way to achieve optimum fruit quality that best expresses its terroir.


The Castagna vineyard is situated at an altitude of 500 metres, five-and-a half-kilometres outside the town of Beechworth in northeast Victoria, high in the foothills of the Australian Alps. The soil consists mainly of decomposed granitic-loam on a base of clay. The climate is distinctly Mediterranean with hot days and cool nights during the important part of the growing season.


The vineyard is hand pruned and the fruit is hand-picked. The wine making is very traditional using only our own vineyard’s indigenous yeast with minimal interference. To quote the man himself: The intention is to make, as simply as possible, wine that is an expression of the place where it is grown.



Castagna 2014 Genesuis Syrah

Casatagna 2014 La Chiave

Castagna 2014 Un Segreto

Adams Rib 2014 The Red

Adams Rib 2015 The White