Cornersmith + Urban Beehive




Waffles and fermented drinks


Cornersmith is a small family-run cafe in Marrickville run by Alex Elliot-Howery and James Grant. Alex and James believe in sustainable and ethical food production and business practices. Their seasonal menu uses locally-sourced produce from small-scale growers and makers, ethically produced meats, and a whole lot of their housemade pickles.  Cornersmith Picklery is an open kitchen. They do all their own pickling and run a range of home food craftworkshops. 


Cornersmith on the importance of COLLABORATION

"We have Urban Bee Hive bees on our Picklery rooftop. We use the honey in our preserves, soda’s, on the menu and sell to our customers. When we started Cornersmith - we were looking for locally sourced produce we thought that honey from our rooftop would be as close as we could get.  It was the first collaboration we made and has inspired us to make more connections with urban producers and growers. There’s a lot of amazing craftspeople and makers in this city. Doug and Vicky also run Honey Nights at the Picklery , which teach people not only about honey, but about the importance of bees and the ways in which city folk can get involved and support bees and the environment. Our bees and hives are a reminder to people about where the food they are consuming or buying actually comes from."

 Urban Beehive

The Urban Beehive was started in 2010 with the aim of supporting the honeybees to do their critically important work in urban Sydney. The Urban Beehive put beehives in city backyards, community gardens and on rooftops; from Bondi to Marrickville – even the Botanic Gardens and Centennial Park. Internationally, bees are in drastic decline, with whole populations being destroyed overnight as a result of introduced threats. Urban Beehive are here to help protect local bee populations against these threats; and to raise awareness of the plight of all our beneficial insects. They do this partly through education with beekeeping courses in The Centennial Parklands. They also have a beekeeping shop in Mascot where you can buy all your beekeeping supplies.