O Tama Carey + Ester & Moonacre Farm


O Tama Carey + Ester

O Tama Carey and Mat Lindsay first cooked together at Billy Kwong in 2004. Since then they have both gone on to work in their own (very delicious) kitchens, with O Tama running the kitchen at Berta for almost five years, while Mat is chef and owner at Ester, in Chippendale. Both O Tama and Mat celebrate carefully sourced, ethical produce in their cooking, with conviviality at the core of what they do. Mat is still to be found at the hearth of Ester. O Tama is now an international gypsy chef and, among other things, can be found cooking a series of "impermanent dinners" in Sydney and further afield.    

O Tama on the importance of COLLABORATION and working with Moonacre Farm

"I first meet phil when i was doing some stray shifts at vini about 6 or 7 years ago. since then have worked with him more and more. did lots of ingredient based dinners with him, closely discussing seasons and availability of produce. love his vegetables and love him. been to visit his farm several times and had a delightful day there yesterday in the sun traipsing about, picking things off the plants to taste and checking out what we could use for this event."  

Their dish:

“old lady cooking roots” - a garlic soup with fried dough & lardo

Made using Moonacre Farm (Phil's) italian pink garlic which he will be harvesting for us next week (very fresh). From this we will be making a smoked garlic cream/puree. This will be served with a small amount of garlic broth/sauce/soup made from the scraps. We will be doing fingers of gnocco fritto topped with a house cured lardo plus a handful of raw freshly podded peas that Phil is going to harvest on the day before rootstock starts. Garnished with fried capers and fried rosemary.