Don Wines and Kindeli

New Zealand (Nelson)
Importer: Brooks and Amos (

Contact: Alex Craighead
Year of Establishment: 2014
Av. bottles/annum: 7,000


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After years of making conventional wines for other people we decided that the only way to make truly hands off wines was to do it for ourselves. Since then we have developed our Don and Kindeli labels. Don (named after Josefina’s grandfather Don Ramon) is low intervention with a minor SO2 addition prior to bottle and Kindeli (meaning “of nature”) is dedicated zero added SO2.


We work with predominantly organic vineyards (both certified and un certified) either leasing or buying fruit from friends vineyards - with a long-term goal of owning the majority.


We aim to make simple and honest wines with as little interference as possible.




Kindeli Blanco - Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Gris2016 ($35 RRP)

Kindeli Tinto - Pinot Noir & Syrah 2016 ($35 RRP)


Kindeli "El Jabali" Syrah- 2016 ($42 RRP)

Kindeli "La Lachuza" Pet-Nat - Riesling2016 ($38 RRP)