Lucy Margaux


Basket range, Adelaide Hills,  South Australia

Proprietor:  Sally and Anton van Klopper (Partnership)
Year of Establishment: 2003
Size of Estate: 1.6 hectares plus arrangements to manage and buy fruit from 15.4 hectares of vineyards
Av. bottles/annum: 70,000


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Although we are changing the practices of our growers, it's only our own wild estate that has the highest level of integrity. We have never watered the vines, sprayed anything or added anything to the wines except SO2 at bottling (all the wines are made without additions or filtration or fining and our property has never had commercial yeast allowed on the premises).


Sadly, for now, people don't take care enough of the wines that we can omit this small sulphur addition in a hot climate; Australians don't believe in cool-shipping.


Lucy M Noir de Florette/ Pinot Noir/ 2016 ($58 RRP)

Lucy Gris de Florette/ Pinot Gris/ 2016 ($46 RRP)


Lucy M Red/ Heaps/ 2016 ($36 RRP)

Lucy M/ Sauvignon Blanc/ 2016 ($46 RRP)