Clever Pollys + Goulburn Trout


Clever Polly's

Clever Polly's is a kitchen, bottleshop, and winebar in West Melbourne. Owners Louisa, Rohan and Anita Chalmer and head chef, Renee Trudeau, work towards providing a hospitable experience for their customers to engage and connect with the small, unique, and creative producers with whom they love to work. Since opening in March 2014, they've been committed to creating a culture of learning and sharing, thus enhancing and contributing to their community, as they believe that sustainable outcomes begin at the grassroots level. They hope to continue to do this for years to come.


Clever Polly's (Renee) on the importance of COLLABORATION

"I am excited to work with Goulburn Trout, not only because they share the same philosophical values as Clever Polly's, but also because there is so much care and passion that goes into what they do. You can see and taste this in their trout. I also believe that it's important to seek out and work with producer's like Goulburn as it is my role, as a chef, to make what they are doing accessible to as many people as possible, and share their story."

Goulburn Trout