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26 Bourke Road, Alexandria NSW 2015

Proprietor:  Paul Geshos
Year of Establishment: 2005

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Mecca opened its first cafes’ doors in 2005, right in the middle of Sydney’s CBD. Mecca’s goal is simply to bring amazin coffee to people. Meeting that goal amidst a shifting industry has seen ten years fly by, the opening of 3 retail outlets, countless coffee sourcing trips and the continuing evolution of our roasting techniques. Our team is a diverse group of mates, utterly devoted to inspire and satisfy our customers. We have found inspiration all over the glob, and are passionate about the places and people behind our coffees.

There are stories to share with every new lot that arrives from far-off farms and cooperative as we believe it’s mportan to understand more about why these coffees taste the way they do. However you like your coffee, we aim to bring you something remarkable. 


Coffee on show: 

ESPRESSO BLEND: 33% Duromina, Agaro ETHIOPIA | 66% La Paz, Nariño, COLOMBIA

THE BLACK FOREST: 50% Biftu Gudina, Agaro ETHIOPIA | 50% Pedro Moreno, Santa Barbara HONDURAS