Mount Edward

Central Otago New Zealand
Importer:  Wholebunch Wines (

Proprietor:  John Buchanan & Duncan Forsyth
Year of Establishment: 1998
Size of Estate: 21 hectares
Av. bottles/annum: 10,000


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In the words of Curtis Marsh, “Mount Edward belongs to a wild fermenting gaggle of Central Otago vignerons that have evolved like a Band of Brothers; all to a varying degree recalcitrant, insubordinate, revolutionist, mischievous, ingenious, jocular and witty but in the Neo-Darwinism of the New Zealand wine industry, they are the dynamic – the avant-garde.

They are above all, pinot noir producers, a certain nonconformist genus that has a different polymorphism and charisma to say, cabernet sauvignon producers who are invariably straight-laced people, making rigid, prudish (Bordeaux-style) wines.


These Central Otago rebels with a cause are however genuinely altruistic and beyond their bonhomie and flippant masquerade is a resolute and earnest determination to achieve distinctiveness.”



Mount Edward Morrison Riesling 2015 ($42 RRP)

Mount Edward Vermouth ($58 RRP)

Mount Edward Gamay - non so2 ($42 RRP)

Mount Edward Albarino 2015 ($36 RRP)