Movida + Flinders Island Wallaby



Pinchos Muronos in the classic Andalusian style using cubes of meat marinated in Moorish spices. Instead of the traditional lamb Movida are using wallaby from Flinders Island Meat. Cooked over charcoal the native game meat is just sensational.


Movida: Spanish for ‘movement’. We are a family of restaurants that serve delicious food cooked in the Spanish way of using traditional and modern techniques, using ingredients in season that mostly grown in the region they are served. Our aim is to capture the vitality and spirit and Spanish dining culture but making it suit the place where we are. We avoid pastiche and stereotype and embrace authenticity. Ultimately we love to make people happy with really delicious food, good drinks 

served by staff who are good at their job and know how to have fun.  

Flinders Island Wallaby