Muddy Water

Waipara, North Canterbury, New Zealand
Importer: Wine Fix (

Proprietor: The Thomas Family
Year of Establishment: 1993
Size of Estate: 12 hectares planted to wine grapes, 30 hectares total property
Av. bottles/annum: 30,000


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Muddy Water planted its ungrafted vines in Waipara Valley in 1993 on the clayand limestone slopes of the Omihi Hills. The seven hectare vineyard is the oldest certified organic vineyard in North Canterbury.


Each block is vinified separately with ungrafted 10/5 clone making up the Slowhand Pinot Noir block. The Hare’s Breath block is the steepest slope at the back of the vineyard with newer Dijon clones with more calcareous soil. We’ve just planted a new Riesling block from seed and await to see the results over the coming years.


All fruit is hand-picked, vinified and bottled on site in our straw bale winery. Founding member of Greening Waipara- restoring biodiversity to our region.


Muddy Water Skin Ferment Pinot Gris 2015 ($33 RRP)

Muddy Water Hares Breath Pinot Noir 2012 ($78 RRP)

Muddy Water Slow Hand Pinot Noir 2012 ($117 RRP)

Ekleipsis Second Skin Chardonnay & Pinot Gris 2016 ($33 RRP)