Nikoladzeebis Marani


Proprietor: Ramaz Nikoladze
Year of Establishment: 2007
Size of Estate:  1 hectare
Av. bottles/annum:  3,000


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Importer: Tim Stock - Vinous Imports,

Ramaz is western Georgia’s most influential natural wine producer. He has been crucial in the renaissance of the ancient art form in this part of Georgia, sharing his knowledge, experience and strength where necessary. Traditionally the focus here is the white varieties Tsitska and Tsolikauri produced with no or limited skin maceration. Ramaz is now blurring that line with stunning success. His methods are often natural to the extreme, including farming one parcel along the lines of ‘do nothing’ philosophy of permaculture diety Masanoba Fukuoka. He eschews the use of any chemicals in his marani including sulphur, even for cleaning. Ramaz is also responsible for the Georgian arm of the Slow Food organisation. He is a man of zero compromise!



Tsitska 2015 ($53 RRP)

Tsitska-tsolikouri 2015 ($55 RRP)