Olssons Salt

Olsson’s Real Salt Mini Masterclass


Salt is one of the most ubiquitous but misunderstood ingredients in our modern food culture. 

During this talk, light will be shed on many misconceptions surrounding this seemingly 

innocuous substance.


Olsson Pacific is Australia's oldest family-owned salt company and during this masterclass 

you will see where and how they make their salt as well as discussing salt and our health. 

The mastercalss is concluded with a delicious salt tasting experience using some unusual 

food pairings with some of the speciality sea salts made by Olsson’s: fleur de sel, Macrobiotic 

sea salt, smoked salt, truffle salt. 



Saturday 28th November  2pm & 6pm

Sunday 29th November 11am & 3pm


Email: dalene.devonshire@olssons.com.au


Salt & Pepe Learn to Churn MIni Masterclass: MAKE YOUR OWN BUTTER


Pepe Saya, Alexandra Olsson and John Fairley present this fun interactive masterclass in 

celebration of Olsson’s Sea Salt and Country Valley Dairy joining together as Pepe Saya 

Cultured Butter. 


During the masterclass, guest will be given the opportunity to taste the difference between 

REAL Country Valley dairy milk and cream and shop bought milk and cream. Pepe Saya will 

talk about how he turns Country Valley cream into his amazing cultured butter. Then there is 

a tasting of Pepe Saya’s creme fraiche and buttermilk which is then compared to supermarket 

products. Guests are then invited to churn their own butter. The masterclass is concluded by 

tasting Pepe Saya unsalted and salted cultured butter both with and without Olsson’s Sea 




Saturday 28th November  4pm

Sunday 29th November 1pm


Email: dalene.devonshire@olssons.com.au