Iago's Wines


Proprietor: Iago Bitarishvili
Year of Establishment:  2003
Size of Estate:  2 hectares
Av. bottles/annum:  5,000


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Importer: Tim Stock - Vinous Imports, tim@vinous.com.au

Iago’s Wines is located in the rural village of Chardahki in the central Georgian region of Kartli. Iago is the natural wine champion of the Chinuri variety, a variety traditionally used for commercial sparkling wines. From his small marani (qvevri cellar) he crafts beguiling skin macerated examples filled with exotic floral beauty, heirloom fruits, spice and briny umami. His front veranda is a popular spot for day trippers from Tbilisi to experience his bottlings and old fashioned Georgian hospitality. Iago was one of the first to turn traditional winemaking into his full-time job although his production still remains very small.



Chinuri 2014

Chinuri 2015