Pepe Saya + Country Valley Milk


Pepe Saya

Pepe Saya’s Australian Cultured Butter is made using the best local ingredients - milk from happy cows, filtered water and a dash of home grown Aussie salt - because Pepe believes in making good food that is good for you. The ‘culture’ in his butter is the good bacteria (lactobacillus) which is added to the cream, fermented for 24 hours and left to ripen over three weeks before being churned.  Renowned for his excellent cultured butter, produced locally using milk and cream from Country Valley Dairy, Pepe is also producing exquisite crème fraiche and mascarpone.



"How awesome is it to have a relationship with someone like John Fairley of Country Valley Dairy... For me as a butter maker it is so important to be able to have a direct connection with where the milk is coming as how it is Handled/ Processed. John has taught me so much about dairy and that has made the Pepe Saya Butter what it is today!" 


Country Valley Dairy

John and Sally Fairley live in a beautiful valley in Picton, New South Wales with their two children, Thomas and Ellen. Their farm is in Picton, where the Fairley family has been living for over 150 years, farming everything from peas to cattle. The dairy itself was opened in 1958 and has been working continuously ever since, firstly, by John’s father, uncle and grandfather and then by John and his brother. In 2001 John took over the dairy and he now operates it with his son Tom, a seventh generation farmer. John's herd is a mix of predominantly Friesian and Jersey cows, but also contains breeds such as Swiss Brown and Guernsey. It is this mélange of dairy cattle that provides the complexity of flavour and texture in his milks.