Philippe Bornard

Jura, France

Proprietor: Philippe Bornard
Year of Establishment:  2005
Size of Estate:  10 hectares (8 hectares under vine)
Av. bottles/annum:


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Importer: Living Wines

Philippe Bornard’s family have lived in the tiny village of Pupillin, in the heart of the French Jura just outside Arbois, for generations. His imposing stone house sits at the top of the village, above a cellar which dates back to the 16th century.  He inherited his vines from his father and, like him, sold his grapes to the local fruitière (cooperative) where he worked for many years. But, from 2005 he decided to create his own domaine.


He has 10 hectares of land but only 8 hectares are planted with vines. He works with all the classic Jura grapes – Ploussard, Trousseau, Pinot Noir, Savagnin, Chardonnay and Melon Queue Rouge.


Philippe Bornard’s wines cover two appellations. The first is the broader Côtes du Jura but most are from the tiny Arbois Pupillin appellation, a sub-appellation of the Arbois AOC which only applies to grapes grown in the commune of Pupillin. It covers only 300 hectares and is separately recognised because of its unique complex marl and clay soils. It is especially well-regarded for Ploussard.


Philippe Bornard makes many different wines, including most of the classic Jura styles such as the famous Vin Jaune. Although blending is allowed in the appellation, his preference is to make single varietal wines and, where he has the same grape growing in different parcels, he prefers to release each as separate wines.


Côtes du Jura Point Barre / Ploussard / 2015 ($70 RRP)

Arbois Pupillin Le Ginglet / Trousseau / 2015 ($75 RRP)

Côtes du Jura Les Gaudrettes / Chardonnay / 2015 ($70 RRP)

Côtes du Jura Les Marnes / Savagnin / 2012 ($78 RRP)

Côtes du Jura Les Chassagnes ouillé / Savagnin / 2015 ($75 RRP)

Arbois Vin Jaune / Savagnin / 2008 ($193 RRP)