Proud Mary



200 Wellington Street, Collingwood 3066

Proprietor:  Nolan Hirte
Year of Establishment: 2009

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Right from when Nolan Hirte started making coffee, he realised it was a way for him to make people happy. Nolan Hirte moved to Melbourne in 2007 from sunny Perth, ready to take on the big boys of coffee in Melbourne. It was in Hawthorn that he started his first café Liar Liar. Here Hirte worked hard to teardown the veils of the secrets of coffee preparation. It was at Liar that Hirte helped to launch the beginning of the third wave specialty coffee scene in Melbourne, offering a list of rotating single origins and filter coffee options. Along with pioneers like Mark Dundon of Seven Seeds, it was these changes and the push for filter coffee that really marked the beginning of a new era for coffee in Australia. 


Coffee on show: