Quartz Reef

Central Otago - New Zealand
Importer - Mezzanine http://www.mezzaninewine.com.au/ (customerservicevic@casama.com.au)

Proprietor:  Rudi Bauer, Trevor Scott
Year of Establishment: 1996
Size of Estate: 30 hectares
Av. bottles/annum: 12,000

Website: www.quartzreef.co.nz

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Named after New Zealand’s largest quartz deposit that lies beneath our vineyards at Bendigo Station, Quartz Reef has become the vessel for what winemaker Rudi Bauer calls - his search to make wines which exhibit “a symphony of flavours” that “capture attention and entertain so that you forget everything else”.


Quartz Reef vinifies wines of outstanding flavour and intensity. There are currently 30 hectares under cultivation. The key to this distinction lies in the maturing sun drenched slopes situated at Quartz Reef’s Bendigo Estate vineyard. Under Rudi’s custodianship Pinot Noir becomes the essence of Central Otago whilst Pinot Gris takes on a rich textured dry style.


All Quartz Reef wines benefit greatly from Rudi Bauer’s Austrian heritage exploring the many dimensions of the varieties.


Quartz Reef "Methode Traditionnelle" NV Brut ($39 RRP)

Quartz Reef "Bendigo Single Vineyard" Pinot Gris 2015 ($35 RRP)

Quartz Reef "Bendigo Single Vineyard" Pinot Noir 2014 ($57 RRP)

Quartz Reef "Bendigo Estate" Pinot Noir 2013 ($102 RRP)