Canberra District, Hilltops and Tumbarumba - New South Wales

Proprietor: Bryan and Jocelyn Martin
Year of Establishment: 2003
Size of Estate: 2.63 hectares
Av. bottles/annum: 18000


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Bryan Martin graduated from wine school in 2003 after a successful career of avoiding direction and responsibility in the food industry. Since then he has worked at Clonakilla and developed his family’s wine brand, Ravensworth with life partner/spouse/the missus, Jocelyn and his brother, David.


He also writes about food and grows as much produce he can on the farm including, but not limited to, pigs, truffles, geese, orchard fruits and a weird looking lichen on the south-side of the oak trees.


Ravensworth grows a range of grape varieties on the estate in a fairly relaxed, sustainable and slightly wild fashion and if you are handy with a hoe, come on over.


Ravensworth Shiraz Viognier 2015 ($40 RRP)


Ravensworth Seven Months 2016 ($40 RRP)

Ravensworth Riesling ancestral 2016 ($40 RRP)


Outlandish Claims bitter tonic NV ($58 RRP)

Ravensworth Estate Sangiovese 2015 ($40 RRP)