Roberto Henriquez

Concepcion, Valle del Bio Bio, Chile

Proprietor: Roberto Henriquez
Year of Establishment: 2015
Size of Estate: 5 hectares (Pais Vineyard)
Av. bottles/annum: 12,000


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Importer: Cultivar Wines – Alice or Lucy

“I want to make wines in a zone where there are almost no vineyards left and where the old growers are dying with their vines. Where nobody believes in our grapes. I believe in them, I live from this.”


Roberto is a trained agronomist and made wine for commercial wineries in Chile, South Africa and Canada before turning the natural way after working with small growers Southern Chile and in France. Inspired his ancestors and driven to support traditional growers, Roberto has returned to his homeland of Concepción, deep in the Old South. He crafts wines true to history, they are as political as they are pure. He is building his own winery and has taken over a 200 year-old vineyard of País. He works with a handful of old growers, paying prices for their grapes that allow them to stay on their land. His goal is to reinvigorate the people’s love for Pipeño as and for the local community, encouraging young winemakers to return to the country.



Pipeño País 2016

($33 RRP)

Notro Blanco Moscatel Corinto Semillon 2016 ($31 RRP)