Yumbel Estacion

Yumbel Estacion, Yumbel, Valle del Bio Bio, Chile

Proprietor: Mauricio Gonzalez Carreño
Year of Establishment: 2015
Size of Estate: 4 hectares
Av. bottles/annum: 7,000


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Importer: Cultivar Wines – Alice or Lucy @cultivarwines.com.au

“After studying oenology and working as a viticulturist for commercial wineries for many years, my family and I made the decision to live with our hands in our own soil. I wanted to work and live as my ancestors did. This project seeks only to show the strength of our old vines and our soils. In honour of our campesinos I live very simply as they do, where wine is part of everyday life”.


Last year Mauricio took over a 200-year-old vineyard of País with its original mudbrick winery and began its restoration after 25 years of abandonment. The soils are volcanic sand over granite and he has divided the site into two terroirs and two wines based on altitude. He vinifies traditionally, fermenting and ageing his Pipeño in 80 year-old vessels of raulí (native Chilean beech) with Zero So2. He similarly farms in the old way - bush vines that have never seen irrigation or chemicals since they were planted in the early 19th century (or there abouts).


Pipeño País 2016

($30 RRP)