South Australia

Year of Establishment: 1997
Size of Estate: 21 hecatares with 9 hectares planted as vineyard
Av. bottles/annum: 75,000


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Tom Shobbrook makes wine in one of the most traditional of Australian wine regions, the Barossa Valley, in a way that shares more in common with European traditions than it does to those of his next-door neighbours.


He's a winemaker who lives by the mantra of ‘nothing added, nothing taken away.’ The only additions you’ll find in his wines are small amounts of SO2 added just prior to bottling.


Tom’s winery is situated on the family farm in Seppeltsfield. The estate vineyards are run organically although the family are not planning to seek certification. Other fruit is bought in from like-minded local growers, with organic methods being mandatory.



Riesling / Riesling / 2016 ($35 RRP)


Novello / Nebbiolo, shiraz, grenache, muscat a petits grains / 2015 ($35 RRP)

Giallo / muscat a petits grains, riesling, semilion / 2016 ($45 RRP)


Tommy Field / shiraz / 2015 ($38 RRP)