Talks 2016

Once again this edition sees an exciting series of talks by producers, chefs, educators, writers, sommeliers and more. As in previous years the talks will cover a diverse range of topics around food, wine and agriculture.

Masterclass Series


12.00 pm - Pipeno - Chile's Ancestral, historical wine style $25

Host: Mike Bennie

Guest speakers: Manuel Moraga (Cacique Maravilla), Roberto Henriquez, Mauricio Gonzalez Carreño.


Pipeño is Chile's rustic and ancestral wine from the Southern heartland, made of and for the people. Their bush vines of original Spanish cultivars like País have never been irrigated, fertilised or sprayed. Literally meaning wine fermented in pipas (big open vessels made of native raulí beech), Pipeños are by definition vinified in the old way: fully destemmed, open fermented, zero-intervention, and bottled quickly after fermentation to be enjoyed…quicker. Climate is the only variable vintage to vintage, and each Pipeño represents vines genetically unique to that vineyard. By bringing these wines to the world, Manuel Moraga, Roberto Henriquez and Mauricio Gonzalez are fighting for the preservation of these ancient vines and the small growers who tend them, both quickly disappearing. Join them in a tasting of these wines, a first in Australia in a public forum like this

2.00 pm - Exploring provenance - A conversation and tasting around the importance of quality  ingredients $ 30

Host: Max Allen

Guest speakers: Kylie Kwong, Tom Shobbrook (Tommy Ruff & Didi Wines), Ashley Huntington (Two Metre Tall), John Wurdeman (Pheasent's Tears)


Where things come from is intrinsic to great products, and the awareness of origins should be inherent to those consuming them. Knowing the source, the farming, the origins and the intent of growers, producers and artisans, is the fabric of the lives of those who excel in food, winemaking, brewing, distilling and cooking. The importance of ingredients, the base elements of a finished product, are explored in this masterclass, with champions of provenance in their wares, Kylie Kwong (Billy Kwong - chef, native ingredient champion, Sydney), Ashley Huntington (Two Metre Tall Brewery - brewer, Tasmania), Tom Shobbrook (Shobbrook Wines - winemaker, Barossa Valley) and John Wurdeman (Pheasant's Tears - winemaker, Georgia). In this illuminating class explore provenance through conversation and tastings.

4.00 pm - Jurassic Parts - Wines of the Jura region $ 35

Host: Mike Bennie, James Hird

Guest speakers: Philippe Bornard, Tony Bornard, Laura Seibel (Domaine de La Pinte)


The Jura wine region is France's smallest wine growing area, but has a global profile for its fascinating, delicious, idiosyncratic wines, wine styles and local grape varieties. The famed Vin Jaune wines, aged for over six-and-a-half years are part of a story of winemaking that embraces oxidative handling, or 'sous voile'. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the 'ouille' style of white wines, where the topping up of barrels is part of judicious winemaking influence. Reds are light, vibrant, and often mature with wonderful character, while revered whites, with a focus on the grape savagnin, are compelling for their multi-faced representation. Organic farming and natural winemaking go hand-in-hand in this amazing region. Join cult wine producers, father and son Phillipe and Tony Bornard, alongside biodynamic producer Domaine de la Pinte, for a tasting and an exploration of Jura's wine, culture and history. 

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*talks last approximately  1 hour



12.00 pm – Gurandgi Munjie, Aboriginal Agriculture  $20

Host : Max Allen

Guest Speaker: Bruce Pascoe


Aboriginal people are reclaiming their culture and their foods. Clans all over the country are growing and selling their traditional foods and not just the condiments of saltbush, lemon myrtle and bush tomato but the very staples of the Australian Aboriginal diet, grains and tubers. Gurandgi Miunjie, a group from the Yuin community of the NSW south coast, have been conducting yam {microseris} and grain trials for the last five years and are planning an entry into commercial scale production and marketing. We are hoping to purchase grain harvesters and winnowers to harvest our grains this coming summer.

2.00 pm – Nebbiolo Resistance - Authentic  wines of Piedmont  $35

Host: Mike Bennie, Giorgio De Maria

Guest speakers: Olek Bondonio


Nebbiolo is the halo grape variety of the famed Piedmont wine region. Typically, Barolo and Barbaresco, is prized for power, concentration, tannin profile and the use of oak as a seasoning. These wines have become a currency in global markets, but are often overt, lacking digestibility and at an opposite spectrum from fascinating and delicious naturally grown and produced wines of the region. Organic farming, minimal intervention and low or no oak influence are the calling cards of many of the most important cult producers of the region. Olek Bondonio, a fierce proponent of natural wine, is one of Piedmont's most captivating winegrowers, and will lead this tasting and conversation through some of Piedmont's brilliant, natural wine expressions. Wines include Olek Bondonio's superb Barbaresco, the rare, historical wine of Serafino Rivella, and cult producer Cappellano's Barolo. 


Host: Pat Nourse

Guest speakers: Gary Thomas, introduction by Slow Food Leader Kate Smith



The Bull Boar Sausage originates from the Central Highlands region of Victoria. The humble sausage is one of Australia’s first listings in the Slow Food International Ark of Taste, which identifies and registers food products of historical and cultural significance. The Bull Boar sausage originates from immigrants to Australia, particularly miners who came from the Swiss and northern regions of Italy, to work on Victorian goldfields in the mid-1800s. The sausage, an infusion of beef, pork, wine and spices, has come to symbolise a unique cultural heritage in Australia; indeed, this sausage originates from the mix of migrant life, translated to Australia. Join descendants of these original miners, who created the Bull Boar Sausage, in an exploration of taste, culture and history. This session involves a conversation and tasting, giving attendees the full picture of this humble and original sausage. 


*talks last approximately  1 hour