The Other Right

South Australia
Proprietor: Alex Schulkin & Galit Shachaf
Year of Establishment: 2012
Av. bottles/annum: 6,000


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We are husband & wife duo, Dreaming + teaming in Adelaide Hills, South Australia.


Our approach is a seemingly lazy one. Wine making operations are kept to a reasonable minimum, no unnecessary action is taken. No additives/aids are being used, letting the wine evolve slowly, according to its natural rhythm. We love creating things that push the boundaries and are exciting, yet simple and approachable. Most of all we're trying to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.


Our wines are an expression of us; sometimes a little rough on the edges, full of contradictions. We see them as living things; untamed, happy and free spirited. 



Bright Young Thing 2016 ($30 RRP)

Moonshine 2016 ($38 RRP)

White Young Thing 2016 ($35 RRP)

Blindfold 2016 ($31.59 RRP)

Bright Young Pink 2016 ($30 RRP)